How Making A HUGE Business Mistake Affected My Diet

I made the most catastrophic cock up today.
Probably the worse mistake I’ve made in my business…ever.
This led to feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and anger.
I’m so pissed off I don’t even want to relive it through words. Maybe in a few days?
The interesting thing though was how it affected my mindset towards my DIET.
Driving home I found myself having this debate in my head:
Pissed off Phil: I’m starving, might as well get a McDonald’s on the way home.
Sensible Phil: You can’t have Mcdonald’s, you are fat.
Pissed off Phil: Wait until you get home and order some pizza. You can burn the calories off later with some cardio and training.
Sensible Phil: You idiot, it would take hours of cardio to burn those calories off (6.5 to be precise, I did the maths!!!).
This, all in the space of several minutes.
And this my friends is emotional eating and we are probably all guilty of it at some point or another.
(you might use alcohol but the issue is the same)
The thing is, people often think because I’m a fitness trainer I get it "easy". Like I’m superhuman and don’t deal with the same struggles as everyone else.
Sadly, I wish that were true but it isn’t as my story shows.
So what differentiates me from those who don’t succeed?
I guess I’m just better at making the right choices when presented with options…
That’s all life is REALLY. A selection of options that you can choose that shape your outcome. With me personally 9 times out of 10 I’ll make the right ones and this leads to me being successful when dieting…
When I completed that went to 10/10. I didn’t make a single mistake in 28 weeks of dieting.
This leads me to believe it probably has something to do with my motivation and knowing "why" I have to make certain choices.
If you don’t have a strong NEED for success then it’s highly likely you’ll make wrong choices more often than right ones.
I mean, how often do you wake up in the morning. Cold. Tired. And think "sod it, I’ll skip work today and spend the day in bed", not often, right?
You clearly have that choice. No one FORCES us to go to work. You could sleep on the street and eat from the bins but you choose NOT to because that would be awful.
Getting into shape and being healthy is still simply a choice.
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Using the 80/20 Rule To Get Faster and Easier Weight Loss Results

It’s Valentine’s day…
I’ve rented a dinner suit.
I’ve had my beard trimmed.
And I’ve had my hair cut…
All ready for my date with…TIM
I won’t be ‘wining and diner’ my girlfriend with McDonald’s and diet coke this year because she is in Florida for the week.
So, instead, I’m attending a black tie event with a client which I’m looking forward to.
Then tomorrow I’m giving my first "Lose The Flab Fast" presentation at a big company.
The presentation got me thinking…
What SHOULD I actually talk about? In an hour there is only so much you can educate someone on. Too much info will go over their heads making it rather pointless and too little runs the risk of being boring.
I asked my mentor Jon for some advice and he reminded me of the 80/20 rule – it was much easier to decide after that.
The 80/20 rule (The Pareto principle) states 80% of your successes will come from just 20% of your actions.
In other words, in most situations (including fitness) there will be just a handful of things you can do that will get you your desired outcome.
The rest are only really needed in extreme circumstances – like training for the Olympics, for example.
This makes things a lot simpler as well as far more efficient.
As soon as Jon reminded me of this, finishing my presentation was rather easy.
With regards to improving your health, fitness, and looking great there are a few things you can do that will make a HUGE difference right away.
Problem is, many people just bogged down with too many details. In the beginning, these ‘details’ can overwhelm you and make sticking to your plan more difficult than it needs to be.
The result?
A higher chance of failure, of course.
I came up with ‘5-pillars’ that everyone who is successful adheres too…
1. They don’t have an "all or nothing" mentality.
They don’t go from couch potato to wannabe professional athlete.
Going from one extreme to the next is a sure-fire way of failing because you won’t be able to follow your new lifestyle forever (or even a month, I’d bet!).
Find the middle-ground.
2. They learn the science of nutrition and how fat loss ACTUALLY works.
My hairdresser today asked how she could keep her carbs lower. She actually worries when she goes over by just a few grams…
When in reality, as she’s within her calories, it really doesn’t matter. But every time she "fails" she decides to stop trying.
Nearly everything you know about fat loss is wrong.
Discover the right way, asap.
3. They choose to make weight training a priority
They realise the benefits of lifting weights over more traditional things like running and fitness classes.
By doing the weight training they see faster results and body shape changes.
4. Flexibility
They know that there is NO single "best" diet or training plan.
One size most certainly doesn’t fit all here. So instead of trying to follow a vegan diet because it’s fashionable (ugh!) they learn how to get results eating in a way they enjoy and can sustain (with meat, mmmmm) – long-term.
5. They track and manage everything
They stay accountable to their plan by tracking everything. This also allows them to look for patterns and make changes if needed.
Not getting the results you expect?
No big deal.
Reduce your calories, walk more, add some extra sets to your training, or add some cardio… then reassess.
You can’t do that if you have no idea what you’ve been doing.
This also stops people falling prey to obsession over what the weighing scales say.
Back to my hairdresser as an example, she told her mum weighed herself the other evening, after dinner…then complained she had ‘gained’ some weight.
No shit. Of course, you’ve gained ‘weight’ but you have NOT gained FAT. Huge difference.
Humans will pretty much always underestimate their calories and overestimate how much they’ve used. This leads to the classic "I don’t know I’ve gained weight, I eat healthily?"
Tracking things stops this issue, right away.
^^^^those 5-pillars are really quite easy to implement.
If those look too difficult to do then you would get GREAT results just applying numbers 2 and 3…to be quite honest.
Ask yourself if you are following them and if not, ask yourself ‘why?’
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I felt like a 16-year-old virgin, presented with 5 hot Eastern European women…

Do you ever put things off you said you were going to do? And that you know you should do?
I do…
For several months now, I’ve been saying to myself (and others) I’d do more video and live video to my network. As much as I like writing, there are times when it would be easier to just sit and just record myself speaking.
So yesterday I decided I would do a Facebook live to my group (join here) about a subject I felt would be extremely beneficial for them.
I got back from the gym, had some post-training cereal and a protein shake, set up my MacBook and got comfortable.
It was about 8.30pm – not a bad time to catch a few of the group members and drop some knowledge on them, I thought.
I’d never done a Facebook live before, so I pressed the button and there I appeared, on the screen.
Right, show time….or so I thought.
I could feel some resistance to doing it…
You know what it’s like when you are putting something off, you’ll find any excuse to waste time.
So I filled in a "title"
And I added a short description.
Right, I thought…let’s do this!
No, wait…maybe I should get some water…
Have a wee…
Try some different camera positions…
Ok ok, so I was procrastinating – BIG TIME.
So much in fact before I knew it I’d been sitting looking at myself on the screen for over 45 minutes.
What the fuck was wrong with me?
I’m not a shy person. I’m happy speaking in front of groups – I actually enjoy it. And it wasn’t like I didn’t know what to say. I could talk about fitness, health, and diet competently for days on end.
I felt like a 16-year-old virgin, presented with 5 hot Eastern European women, and told I had to bang them on live tv.
Anyway, having sat there for ages, I did what I always do in these situations: told myself to stop being a knob and to get on with it.
Nothing beats a motivational pep talk to yourself where you call yourself out on your own bullshit.
I pressed the "Go Live" button and started.
Of course, it went fine and I’ll only get better at them as I do them more often.
I still can’t even put my finger on WHY I had that resistance in the first place. Nothing stands out as being a genuine ‘concern’ but it happens.
You will get times like this as well, I’m sure, especially with training and dieting.
The common one for many guys is trying something new at the gym. New exercise, new machine, or even a new fitness class.
You might have told yourself you’ll reduce something in your diet, that is holding you back, for example, alcohol and yet haven’t committed to it.
There are loads of times when doing what you SAID you would do will be hard.
My advice, stop being a knob and get on with it. What’s the worst that can happen?
Seriously – there is not much else I can say. That one choice might be holding you back from something great.
Jump in the deep end and hope you can swim.
If it all goes wrong? Ah well, at least you’ll have something funny to talk about.
Phil Agostino
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Should You Ditch Your Fitbit? What is the BEST way to improve your health and fitness…

Something that has been in the media quite a lot the past week, since that BBC programme on fitness, is the idea you should aim to do ‘10,000 steps per day’.
Doing 10,000 steps per day has long been the advice given to people who want to lose a bit of weight and improve their health.
It’s easy to do if you are unfit and it’s free. So for some, it’s an excellent choice. I really like my clients to increase their step count. I wouldn’t say that I make them aim for 10k because that can be time-consuming…and that brings me rather nicely to why this subject has been in the news.
On that BBC programme, they introduced the idea of doing something called ‘The Active 10’.
In the Active 10, you don’t count steps. Instead, you just aim to do 3 x 10-minute walks at a brisk pace (You should be breathing heavier, and working up a sweat). This adds up to roughly 3000 steps.
In the programme, they compared the traditional 10k steps per day with the Active 10 and found that those who did the ‘Active 10’ did 30% more ‘moderate to vigorous’ exercise.
And we know that the intense the exercise the greater the benefits.
Also, those participating in the little study found the Active 10 FAR easier to adhere to. 30 minutes walking vs over an hour each day.
So, should your ditch you Fitbit?
In my opinion, no.
The issue with these kinds of programmes is they are short-sighted.
Doing higher intensity exercise, like the Active 10 IS more beneficial but what if someone is already doing 3-4 hours a week of strength training (like you SHOULD be)?
Ever done a hard session with weights? IT’S MUCH HARDER THAN A 10-MINUTE BRISK WALK.
A 10-minute brisk walk is basically your fucking warm up for a good gym session.
If you aren’t doing any lifting (yet) then I agree the Active 10 is a good idea. Unless you just like walking, you are injured, have the time to do it, or are extremely overweight.
My client, Tim loves his walking and averages 15,000 steps per day. He NOW does those at a brisk walk pace. He’s become that fit. Plus he hits the gym 3-4 times a week for weight lifting.
I get bored of saying this but here we go again: Choose whatever you know you’re going to stick with consistently.
Really you should be doing both but I’d personally opt for 30-60 minutes of weight training and then the walking.
The bottom line for most people is this – MOVE MORE and do so consistently.
Remember that all of this is absolutely pointless if you don’t control your calories. Burning off calories is far harder than it is to consume them (sadly).
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"I don’t have time to exercise" – 4 Strategies For Finding Time To ‘Train’

One of the most common (if not THE most common) struggles for people in this group is going to be finding enough time to fit some exercise in.
I thought I would cover the subject because as long as you have these barriers you’ll put off making the relevant changes to achieve your goals.
You are all adults, with busy lives, businesses to run, families to support, etc…time is ALWAYS going to be limited. There will never be a ‘good’ time to start.
Yet, there are people in this group who HAVE succeeded under these
circumstances and so if you think it CAN’T be done that is simply you giving yourself an excuse to not bother.
1. Prioritise Health
I bumped into a lady I know in the local shop last week who spent several minutes moaning about how her weight ‘yo-yos’ and that she can never "keep the weight off"
It was about 6pm and she had just finished work. She then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t want to go to the gym tonight because she was tired and so, was going home to watch TV.
Clearly, she can’t be that bothered about keeping the weight off if going home and watching tv is more appealing than doing some exercise.
Sure, after a long day it can be hard to get the energy to go BUT once you are there it’s usually ok – and you will ALWAYS feel glad you went.
Tired? Aren’t we all? That is a sacrifice you’ve got to be willing to make – and it’s only a few times per week.
For those of you in a position to dictate your day, do as my clients do and make your health the MOST important thing in your diary.
Before anything else goes in, schedule in some exercise.
Want to speak to me Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evening from 6pm – 8pm?
NEVER going to happen. That’s when I train. I’d rather speak to you at 1am than miss, or move my training session.
Don’t put your exercise in the diary last…
You can’t be a great business owner, boss, leader, father, mother etc if you are seriously ill. Health should precede everything.
Plus consider this…
You think it’s hard to fit now, while you are healthy…
How hard harder and therefore time-consuming will it be IF you hurt your back, have a heart attack, develop diabetes.
It’s like driving a car with an engine light on. Get it fixed asap or it will probably be 10x worse when you finally get around to it.
2. Learn The Science Of Exercise
This one is simple.
Learn how to train smart and you won’t have to train as much. It’s not uncommon for me to make clients do LESS exercise.
Humans tend to want to be "all or nothing" – they go from couch potato to wanting to train like an Olympic athlete.
You don’t have to train 5…6…7 days per week.
In most cases 60 minutes is plenty. But I often see people doing 2-3 HOURS.
No wonder you "can’t find the time". You are having to find more time than is even needed.
(Plus you will see better results this way).
3. Train at the Office, Home, and Walk More
I’m going to do a video for this later, but in short, if you can’t make it too the gym then train at home or in the office.
You don’t even need any expensive kit that takes up loads of room.
I give my clients this –…/B00CA45MKM/ref=br_lf_m_toocdutfb…
^^^you can also take that with you travelling and exercise in your hotel room (if there isn’t a gym).
Burning more calories is quite easy. Walk more by getting off the train/tube a stop or two earlier.
Take the stairs and not the lift – which is sometimes actually faster!! The amount of people who QUEUE for lifts and escalators is embarrassing. Use your fucking legs.
You’d be HEARTBROKEN if you lost the ability to overnight
You could also get a standing, bike, or a treadmill desk. So instead of being on your arse all day, you are active. I am thinking of getting a treadmill desk. My client, Jon has one and he did many of our coaching calls on it.
4. Get Up Earlier
No need to explain this one. Wake up 30 mins earlier and use that time wisely.
Most of you probably do get up fairly early but if you don’t there is an easier fix.
I could go on…but those are the main points.
Not having time to exercise is not a valid excuse, believe me.
I work with some VERY busy, successful clients and they get it done…
I’ve put together a FREE 45-minute fitness training masterclass…
It uncovers what I believe are the 4 things that separate the winners (like my clients) and the losers, in this game of fitness.
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[Free Technique Video] The Reverse Cable Fly

Watching a guy in the gym tonight doing a "reverse cable fly" was painful. Not only was his form unbelievably atrocious, this dude works for a gym.
(although if you saw him you’d think he had never exercised a day in his life).
Of all the exercises I see being done wrong the"reverse cable fly" actually is one of the most common.
Now, a large majority of you will most likely be scratching your heads now wondering what the hell that even is…
If that’s the case, great, you probably haven’t tried it, and therefore won’t have to unlearn the crappy form you’ve been doing.
If you HAVE been doing it then today’s video will ensure you are doing it correctly.
The reverse fly is an excellent exercise for the ‘rear delt’ or back of the shoulder. Because most people slouch a lot and neglect their backs, this muscle often becomes very weak and tight, often causing shoulder, neck and back pain. So, it’s definitely worth doing.
It not a ‘big bang for your buck’ kinda exercise though. Quite frankly from a calorie burning point of view it’s rather useless…
Adding it in will lead to better posture and more strength in more complexed exercises like deadlifts, bench press, and pull-ups. And those exercises ARE great calorie burners.
In the video, I’m teaching it on a cable machine but those of you using bands could be it too. You can use dumbbells but I’ll have to record a video for that in the near future.
The video can be found here —> reverse cable flys
Phil Agostino
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Stay Fit & Healthy During The Tough Times So You Can Bounce Back Like a Pro

Some of you will have seen the photos of my mentor, Jon. I use them a fair bit in my marketing because he made such great progress with my guidance.
The thing about most ‘transformation photos’ is you often don’t see what happened next.
Knowing the stats, a large majority will regress back to their old selves. Sad but true.
Jon didn’t (because he kept working with me). He went into a muscle-buildingphase where the emphasis was on him staying trim and defined while adding some muscle.
All was going well…
Until life decided to kick him in the nuts. I’ve found it likes to do that from time to time just to keep us on our toes.
Jon had long suspected he had autism after being forced to have his jabs at school. He’s therefore now a devout anti-vaxxer (that’s definitely a joke).
Sadly, after some stressful times from some personal issues, he began getting some symptoms he couldn’t ignore. Mostly anxiety.
This resulted in him being prescribed some meds.
Long story short those meds really messed up his training and made achieving his goals almost impossible.
For example, I remember him having some real balance issues meaning he couldn’t squat.
He would also get tired so quickly he couldn’t do his usual training sessions. I had to modify them hugely to ensure he didn’t overdo it.
Thankfully, Jon is dedicated and stayed fairly consistent with his training and diet – albeit at a less than optimal standard.
However, he did gain a little fat.
It WAS to be expected. It’s very hard to stay super lean when your world is falling apart around you.
We did our best to manage the situation and keep him on track which is important because going back one step is easy to reverse…but go back 10 steps and end up practically started again.
That is super demoralising.
Jon’s now been back on track a few months and today he sent me this photo to show me his progress:

Excellent right?
Not bad for a 53 year old.
There are a few takeaways from this:
1. life will never be plain sailing. If you are waiting for the ‘right’ time to do what Jon’s done -stop -you are wasting your time
2. Having a "life sucks plan" in place is extremely valuable. I’ve spoken about this before with regards to my client Dan. After having his first baby we came up with a reduce exercise quota he had to fulfil.
ie. Instead of the pressure of 5 training sessions per week he was happy with 2. Any more was a bonus.
So, instead of trying to stick to all your commitments, when times are hard, have a set of standards in place that you adhere to that stop you regressing too much but don’t put too much pressure on you.
3. Having a break between ‘diets’ for muscle building phases makes life easier the next time you diet.
The last time Jon was this lean his calories were FAR lower and he was doing 2 (yes TWO) 60 minutes cycles per day…
This time around he’s doing a measly 30 minutes per day, which he genuinely enjoys, so it’s cool.
4. Cut out the alcohol where possible. Jon has done this both times he’s wanted to reduce fat and it’s made it whole process far easier and faster.
Do you want the EXACT strategy Jon used to achieve this? I’ve laid it all out in my book, Lose The Flab Fast, which you can have for FREE if you click here —> FREE Book
Here is is progress thus far since we started:

Get Fit With Fido – Turning The Daily ‘Walk’ Into A Powerful, Efficient Fat-Burning Session

Do you have a dog?
If you said ‘no’ kindly remove yourself from this email list! How can you not love dogs?
Ok, I’ll let you off though if you have a cat. I’ve become quite partial to Ragdolls the past couple of years as my girlfriend breeds them.
If you do have a dog then this email is for you. Even if you don’t, the first half of it will still be useful.
A couple of weeks again I did two live webinars for my friend, and dog-adventure extraordinaire, Dom Hodgson. Dom has started and grown his dog-walking-adventure business exceptionally well, to the point where he now coaches others on how to do the same. He’s also written two excellent books which you can find on Amazon – one is a best seller and the other is recently out.
Dom had me on to discuss nutrition and exercise for his members. The 2nd webinar we also discussed how you can turn your dog-walking time into an actual workout by making some small changes.
He sent me over the files this morning and so I thought some of you might enjoy them.
This one today is about 55 minutes long. Perfect to chuck on while you are doing some of your daily steps… 😉
To listen to the audio click the link —> Fitness with Fido
Enjoy there are loads of gem in that audio to help you get more from your dog walking and food/diet in general.
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Creating New Daily Habits Is The Key To Fitness Success (but it isn’t easy!)

Good morning!
I’m feeling rather chipper this morning (and quite smug). Only just gone 8am and I’ve been to the gym for some cardio, walked the dog, and written a couple of client training programmes.
Compare this too a few weeks ago when I was waking up at around 10am (often later) and feeling like crap, and it’s worlds apart.
Getting back into the habit of early mornings has been pretty rough for me.
By the time I’m home from training in the evenings, done some more work, and then relaxed for a bit, it’s often close to 1am.
To THEN get up at 5.30-6am like I use to is a fucking nightmare.
Having basically failed to get up at that sort of time for a couple of weeks, I decided to try something different, and make slighter smaller steps to get to my goal.
First setting the alarm for 9am…getting used to that…then 8am…and so on…
Because I’m getting up earlier gradually, I’m gradually able to move my day slightly earlier, meaning now I’m getting into bed at my more favoured time of 11pm.
(I honestly doubt I’ll ever go to bed before that though)
That’s giving me a fairly decent 7 hours in bed. Not quite 7 hours sleep but until I get checked out for the sleep apnea I mentioned a few days ago it will have to do.
The most important step is of course: consistency. Last week I made the mistake of going back to my old routine for just ONE day and it completely screwed me up. To the point where I felt like I had to start all over again.
But that’s common!
You’ll rarely make perfect changes to your habits, instantly. Especially when your current habits are so freaking hard to give up.
I’ve found this strategy to be much more productive. I don’t know if it’s an age-related ‘thing’ but I used to be good at going from one extreme to the next, right away…
Eating loads of calories including junk foods —> Dieting and being stricter. Going from no cardio —> to doing a good amount. Lay-ins —> early mornings.
It seems that I now have to ease myself into it.
Which is slightly frustrating as it takes longer than it used to. Same with dieting. I have to give myself a "transition week’ (or two) where I’m basically doing it 75-85% of the time, and then I get my arse in gear and hit it 100%.
The point is, there are quite a few things you’re required to ‘do’ in order to achieve your goals. Some of these things you might NEVER have done in your whole life…
So you can’t expect them to happen right away. They will take time and constant consistency.
I literally laid in my bed this morning from 5.30am trying to convince myself to get up…30 minutes it took.
30! Just to get out of bed. How ridiculous is that? (VERY is the answer, btw).
In the same way, it’s ridiculous many you will find it hard to…
Stop yourself overeating…Walk to the shops instead of driving…Remember to drink water…Stop at one glass of wine…
Ridiculous maybe, but totally understandable. Hence why (unlike most fitness coaches) I’m being totally transparent about my own little challenges.
If you are finding certain habits difficult to implement well, then you might want to go back and look at it, and see if you can make it slightly easier to achieve, first. Then as you create the momentum you can begin working towards the old goal.
A good example is trying to take your daily step count straight from 3,000 to 12,000. A LOT in your day to day doings has to change in order for you to find those extra 9,000 steps – especially when most of you lack time.
Instead, aim for 5,000. Find ways to make that easily achievable, consistently, and then add a few more steps.
Aim too high and you’ll be disappointed when you fail. Not only that you aren’t building any new habits.
Phil Agsotino
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Free book

Bench Press: Build Strong Pecs Without The Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

Today, let’s cover titties…
Man-titties, to be precise (and rather boring).
Men tend to begin storing fat on their love handles and stomach first, but give it enough time (and enough fat gain) and you’ll soon begin to get some storage around on the chest.
Of course, you CAN’T just do chest exercises to change that – fat is only lost from there through dieting. So, DO NOT think I’m suggesting today’s exercise will do otherwise, it won’t…
What it WILL do though, is allow you to build some pecs so that once you’ve lost the fat, you are left with some muscle and shape there.
Never a bad thing for any man.
I also want to highlight how to do chest exercises correctly, as many men get it wrong and end up with shoulder, neck and back problems…clearly, that’s not the goal.
So here’s todays video on doing the bench press
For a whole library of videos, audios, a forum AND a free copy of my book, then click here —->FREE Book